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Gorkh Singh, Founder of Pharmalytical Services

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Pharmalytical is on a mission to to empower young scientists through hands-on lab skills training, bridging the gaps in traditional education to enable young people to secure employment after graduation.


Pharmalytical Services was founded by Gorkh Singh in 2017, to upskill and train clients in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors, in Analytical and Separation Science.


Gorkh Singh has worked in the Research & Development laboratories of AstraZeneca, Pfizer & Glaxo for 25 years. He also has 5 years experience working in the CRO/CDMO sector with Sai Life Sciences, Biosynth Carbosynth and Patheon (a division of Thermo Fisher).


He's had a constant focus on delivering high quality science on projects from Discovery phases (Lead optimisation to Candidate Nomination) and Development phases (across Phases I, II & III) to Technology Transfers activities from Development to Manufacturing sites.

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